Friday, December 31, 2010

Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course—Winter Course:

Place: Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course—Winter Course
Pros: Delightful Christmas/winter theme at each of the 18 holes.  Last few holes are in a covered pavilion
Cons: Don't go when it's really winter, or when it's really late if you plan on taking the Disney bus system back to your hotel
Things to Do There: Make Mickey jump out of the gift box many, many times; the counter people are really, really nice and fun to chat with; don't forget to get your souvenir golf ball before you leave!
We ended up at Disney's Winter Summerland Winter course because we were killing time for some reason - oh yeah, we had gotten to Disney World early and our tickets were only good for the next day.  Unfortunately, it was New Year's Eve and very chilly for Orlando; the winter wonderland theme, while really fun and cute, was still a constant reminder of how cold it was.  The other negative working against us was that it was late afternoon when we started playing and by the time we finished it was almost dark, and everything nearby was either closed or about to close.  We got to the bus depot and waited about 40 minutes for another bus - the last one I think, and we were some chilled campers by that time.  The things that made up for it were the fun, creative obstacles at each hole, and the really nice counter people who were Gator fans and we had a fun chat about the previous season.  They gave us each a souvenir golf ball with either Donald or Goofy playing golf, which was a cool way to remember our fun, chilly, Disney mini-golf experience!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fiesta Falls, St. Augustine, Florida

Name of Course: Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf
Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Best Points:  Pirate Ship golf hole.
Not-so-best Points: Nothing!
When You're There:
  • Be sure to look for the duck family!  Take pictures!
  • Get a Bubble Gum-flavored slushy
  • Ask about the "Hole-in-one of the Day" when you're done -- you get a free game if you did it!
Arr!  Here be mini golf!
We got to Fiesta Falls late in the morning and it was already blazing hot when we got there.  G. wanted to get into the water surrounding the pirate ship that is the centerpiece of Fiesta Falls, but the water did not look all that clean.  The waterfalls they had also looked refreshing but, again, not very clean.  But we weren't there to play in the water, we were there to play mini-golf!

Duck family!
Old Man playing the Pirate Ship hole

    Floaties you could not pay me to float on
    Pathways wind around pirate-y stuff
    So hot...must drink Bubble Gum slushy...

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